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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are used to replace the roots of teeth that

have been lost and are used as a foundation for permanent or temporary replacement teeth, which are made to match your former (lost) and adjacent teeth.  Dental implants, which ultimately
have the same feel and appearance of your natural teeth, provide a long-lasting permanent tooth replacement and help patients in many ways:

  • Compared to dentures, dental implants wont slip, so the quality of your speech is maintained
  • Dental implants offer improved comfort and convenience, eliminating the hassle of removing, soaking/cleaning and re-re-inserting dentures with messy adhesives
  • Fixed implants allow for more comfortable and confident eating compared to dentures, which are prone to slipping
  • Dental implants can help improve your confidence, as they are designed to look like your other teeth, which offers improved aesthetics compared to dentures
  • When properly cared for, implants are durable and will last several years, often for a lifetime